Keep track of how many beers you slam

Probably everyone who drinks beer has, at time or another, lost count of how many they’ve had. This counting bottle opener will do the intellectual work for you!

The pinnacle of perfection for serving wine

Keep a couple bottles of vino the perfect temperature so you can enjoy the ideal flavor.

One gallon booze flask

This is for the hardcore drinkers out there only!

Bling bling booze holder

Pouring your Hennessy ‘yac on the floor is sooo yesterday. All the cool rappers and thugs will be pounding their hooch from their finger-mounted, diamond-shaped shot glasses.

Chill drinks without watering them down

It’s getting hot outside in most parts of the country, so it’s natural to want a nice chilly drink to cool you off. That usually means adding ice, but what if you don’t want your drink watered-down by the melting cubes?

Keep wine chilled in your fridge

For those of you who don’t drink boxed-wine but instead splurge for the bottled variety, you may have noticed that it’s often difficult to stand a wine bottle in the fridge to chill it, especially if the cork is sticking partway out.

For the drunk hillbilly in everyone, the beer holster!

If you’re the kind of person who just cannot go anywhere without your beer and maybe, just maybe, you harbor a secret passion for ridin’ horses, country music and fluffy sheep, this beer holster might be just what the doctor ordered!

Champagne parachute party popper

Now boozeaholics everywhere need not fear uncontrolled champagne corks – they can use a parachute similar to what you’d find on those tiny parachuting army men toys.

Boost your memory even though you drink booze

It’s generally accepted that drinking too much will cause memory problems, so how can you deal with that issue while still enjoying your hooch? Get this bottle opener!

Get your daquiri on anywhere!

Mix the perfect blended adult beverage anywhere you are, whether it’s camping or just hanging out in the parking lot waiting for your kids to come out of daycare.