Make your own shot glasses from ice

You’ll have the coolest (literally) shots in town for the summer BBQ season when you make your own shot-glasses from ice.

Remote control beerbot keeps you refreshed

Amaze your friends at your next backyard party with this portable, remote controlled beer/drink delivery robot.

Never lose your glass of wine again

Whether you’re an alcoholic or you just love never misplacing your wine, this wine-glass holder gizmo ensures you’re never far from a guzzle of the good stuff.

Liquor lock keeps thirsty mouths away from your booze

Whether you’re trying to keep your teenage kids from watering your whiskey or stop your mooching brother-in-law from slugging your scotch (huh Sean?), this liquor lock will act as your booze’s bodyguard.

Classic video games and beer

What a perfect combination! Combine a full-sized stand-up arcade emulator cabinet with a kegerator to save space and keep your gameroom organized.

Wine tray makes serving safer

Carry four wine glasses and a bottle safely even if you’re not a professional waiter!

The only leisure tool a man needs

When it’s time to relax “man’s style” you might be looking for a cigar or beer and either way, this multi-tool has your back.

Lego building blocks made of ice

Keep your guests entertained with interlocking blocks of ice!

Carry that 6-pack everywhere you go

When you’re drinking at a party, running to the cooler for refills is really a waste of time. Instead, carry an icy 6-pack around with you as you navigate the crowds.

The Fridge keeps your canned drinks cold (mini review)

I’m addicted to The Fridge and after 15 years of using one to keep my drinks cold, I’ll be ordering more ASAP!