Spring flower planting made easier with Mom-friendly USB tool

This interesting USB gadget brings modern datalogging technology to your flower gardens and helps you have the yard that’s the envy of everyone in the neighborhood!

Jawas are attacking your flowers!

For the consumate Star Wars nerd… uh… enthusiast who needs to extend the sci-fi geekness into the outdoor areas of the house, this little guy is bound to be top choice and probably totally unique in your neighborhood…

Get serious with this mega grill brush / scraper!

Got a big job to handle when scraping your BBQ grill? Looking to impress your NASCAR buddies with your manly cleaning abilities? There’s no better tool to use than this BBQ brush…

Glow in the dark Illuminottoman for patio living

If you’ve got a nice big pool and patio, you probably have a good chunk of cash, so these light-up cubes may be just the ‘kick’ your night-time parties need!

One wall outlet to rule them all

I hope that someday, all houses will have at least one of these awesome outlets in each room similar to how every house has a primitive telephone jack in nearly every room.

Handy handrail hanging planters

These interesting flower pots don’t balance precariously on your patio handrail — they use it for stability!

Live long and Spocker

Whether you’re a kitchen geek or just love Star Trek, you will want a set of these interesting oven mitts!

Space Invaders are attacking from your ceiling!

Space Invaders lampshades for hanging lamps let you celebrate your retro interests while also being artistic and functional!

A sarcophagus of facial tissues

Blow your nose like an Egyptian king when you pull tissues from this King Tut burial mask tissue box.

Make your own shot glasses from ice

You’ll have the coolest (literally) shots in town for the summer BBQ season when you make your own shot-glasses from ice.