Forearm Forklift helps with heavy moves

If you need to move large or heavy objects around the house, this interesting (and simple) gizmo will give you that extra bit of help you need.

Self lifting bike racks let you reclaim your garage

These neat self-lifting bicycle racks let you get a bit of floorspace back in your garage by storing bikes on the wall.

Monitor your own cholesterol levels

Finally, you can get a home testing gizmo to check your cholesterol, triglycerides, and other “bad” things your doctor will lecture you about.

Avoid getting cooked by radiation

Now, your keyring isn’t just for the car remote and your keys. It can save your life!

Avoid those filthy public bathroom handles with style

Especially as we enter the cold and flu season, this invention could be very useful.

Bicycle pedals with LEDs require no batteries

What can’t LEDs be used for? These help keep you alive.

Electric bicycles that don’t look unusual

When you see someone buzzing by on one of these bikes, you’ll look twice.