Review of X-mini II and X-mini MAX II

I was recently sent a couple of the new series II X-mini portable speaker systems to review here on the site. The X-mini series claims to deliver “Sound beyond size” and even comes with a faux warning label stating “Warning – Unbelievably Loud”. So, do these tiny, inexpensive speakers live-up to those bold claims? Read-on […]

Review of Zagg Z.buds earbuds

Zagg has released a new set of audio earbuds for use with the iPhone (and other phones players with limitations) called the Z.buds. The Z.buds aim to offer superior sound, advanced design, and high style in an affordable package. Do they deliver?

The Fridge keeps your canned drinks cold (mini review)

I’m addicted to The Fridge and after 15 years of using one to keep my drinks cold, I’ll be ordering more ASAP!

Review: Affordable 50mw handheld laser

Once costing hundreds of dollars, the high-powered green laser is now an affordable, amazing gizmo that the determined hobbiest can afford. This review covers a 50 milliwatt 532nm green laser from

Improve your presentation skills with this laser controller (review)

I don’t think that giving presentations in front of crowds would be on anybody’s “favorite things to do” list, but there are some tricks you can use to help make it easier. This slick little handheld remote lets you control your computer, flip PowerPoint slides, point things out with a laser, and then stores handily […]

Picco-Z remote control helicoper review with videos

This fun little helicopter is small enough to fly around your house!