Get serious with this mega grill brush / scraper!

Got a big job to handle when scraping your BBQ grill? Looking to impress your NASCAR buddies with your manly cleaning abilities? There’s no better tool to use than this BBQ brush…

Live long and Spocker

Whether you’re a kitchen geek or just love Star Trek, you will want a set of these interesting oven mitts!

Carry lots of beer everywhere you go

Whether you’re going to 4th of July concerts or simply having a BBQ and never want to risk having a hydration outage, this beer holster will be right there with you, providing the 12 ounce nourishment you require.

Sneak beer wherever you go with a Beer Belly

Are you tired of paying the super-inflated prices for beer and other drinks at sporting events or even movie theatres? Then you need this amazing gizmo which not only lets you bring 80 ounces of your favorite drink wherever you go, but makes you sexy in the process.

Bacon salt can make anything taste good

Bacon is a powerful food — it can make the nastiest vegetables taste good and it can make your best burger more than you ever imagined. What if you could combine the flavor of bacon with salt? Dream no more…

BBQ Rib rack makes cookin’ ribs easy

Everyone who loves BBQ loves ribs but what if your grill isn’t large enough to cook several large racks of ribs at once? Never fear – this handy BBQ rack will save your bacon!

Gun-shaped fried eggs? What next?

Do you have a child who’s into cowboys and would love pistol-shaped eggs for breakfast? Are you shopping for someone who’s mad about Western movies and already has everything except gun-shaped fried eggs? Read on!

Easy vacuum storage for your foods

Tired of having your food go bad too quickly and don’t want to mess with those finicky vacuum sealing bag machines? Keep fresh foods handy with this countertop vacuum storage container.

Ultimate tailgating party kit

You’ll feel like McGyver when you arrive to your local stadium armed with this all-in-one portable grill, utensils, and cooler!

Grow herbs in your computer case

If you’ve got a need to covertly grow some “fresh herbs” in your house, you may be overlooking a great place to do it — in a computer case!