It’s cubical warfare!

Dream-up an idea for a medieval warfare weapon, build it, and then conquer the poor schmuck in the next cube with this wooden war engine kit!

Build your own hidden beer fridge

If you want to keep a few frosty beverages at your office, but they don’t allow such things, do you give-up your habits? No! You build this handy hidden fridge!

Duplicate angles quickly for your projects

Do you have hobbies which require you to cut strange angles and match shapes? Do you do your own home improvement projects? If so, you’ll see that this tool will be immediately useful.

Wood iPod – the WoodPod?

It used to be that all consumer electronics products were black or grey when Apple decided to buck the trend and create white devices. These days, however, with the iPod owning over half of the portable market, white seems to be the dominant color. Some people install silicone skins on their iPods and a few […]

Magnets so powerful, they’re dangerous!

These aren’t your average magnets — they can break bones!

Home-made hard drive clock

A unique way to put those old hard drives to use!

Own your own mini Mars rover robot

With its dual tank-tread drive system, an on-board wireless camera, high-powered ARM processor, and plenty of other gizmos, the SRV-1 is ready to explore your local environment.