The ultimate mousepad

Read-on if you want perhaps one of the most unique, coolest mouse pads available.

How much money do you waste in meetings?

This cool clock will help you track the massive amounts of time and money that you and your company waste in meetings.

Bamboo fountain powered by USB

Get the soothing sounds of running water and clunking wood on your desktop at work, all powered by your computer’s USB port.

USB powered LCD mini monitor

Add a tad bit more screen area to your computing experience with this no-hassle USB connected auxiliary LCD monitor.

Golf club tape dispenser helps with daydreaming

If you’re stuck at your desk but would rather be out on the links, this unusually shaped tape dispenser will at least help you daydream that you’re playing.

It’s cubical warfare!

Dream-up an idea for a medieval warfare weapon, build it, and then conquer the poor schmuck in the next cube with this wooden war engine kit!

Floating desk globe amazes and educates

Combine the class and style of having your own globe with technology that amaze and impress your visitors with this anti-gravity globe.

Chumby gives web info anywhere in your home

Get weather info, stock prices, or any number of other web services wirelessly anywhere in your house using this cool new device.

Digital picture frames keep your photos fresh

It seems that everyone has a digital camera these days and what happens with those? People take hundreds and thousands of photos. The problem? When you find photos you like and want to display in a frame, most people don’t have enough wall space. Digital picture frames to the rescue!

See through time

Now you can see through time, in a manner of speaking, but sorry, you still cannot travel through it!