Wall wart sized Linux computer

Need a Linux computer but don’t want something that gobbles space, power, and makes lots of noise? Check-out this wall-wart sized miracle of modern microcomputing.

Boost the storage on your Eee-PC with cheap CF cards

Are you one of the many Asus Eee-PC owners who would like to boost the internal storage of your ultra-portable netbook? Do it cheap and quickly with this DIY CF to SSD adapter.

Massive 4-bay external RAID enclosure

If your storage needs have outgrown that puny single-drive USB unit or you are a professional who needs tons of storage, high reliability, and extreme speed, this new LaCie 4big Quadra fits the bill and then some!

Home arcade game that’s easily portable

If you just don’t have the room for a full-sized arcade-style cabinet in your house, yet you long to play MAME or other emulated games on something better than your computer, check this out!

300GB drive coming soon for your laptop

Gone are the days of the puny 80GB drive in your portable devices. Well, they will be gone soon…

Send your digital pictures to granny

Even if she doesn’t own a computer!

Pushing the envelope of mouse technology

By keeping the cord out of your way while gaming…

Dual screen LCD monitor

When just one screen won’t do!

Slim, highly-durable keyboard that can be rolled-up

Not only is it water-resistant, but you can roll it up when it’s not needed.

World’s stupidest (and ugliest) laptop design

I cannot believe that this is from an established company like NEC.