Automatically restart your troublesome electronic devices

Keep your unruly devices in-line by restarting them every night, automatically! No more locked-up routers or cable boxes.

The ultimate mousepad

Read-on if you want perhaps one of the most unique, coolest mouse pads available.

Spring flower planting made easier with Mom-friendly USB tool

This interesting USB gadget brings modern datalogging technology to your flower gardens and helps you have the yard that’s the envy of everyone in the neighborhood!

Retro gaming is better with this USB NES controller

If you love playing old games in emulators on your modern computer, this old-school style NES style controller will take your gaming to the next level (pun intended).

One wall outlet to rule them all

I hope that someday, all houses will have at least one of these awesome outlets in each room similar to how every house has a primitive telephone jack in nearly every room.

Economy cardboard iPhone case

Has the economy hit you a bit hard recently so that you need to protect your iPhone while still maintaining your budget? This iPhone carrying case gives you the protection you desire at a wallet-friendly price!

Charge and sync a gigantic pile of iPhones and iPods at once

If you’re rich enough to own up to 20 iPods and/or iPhones, you can probably afford to hire a servant to charge and sync all of your devices, but in the off-chance you want to do it yourself, check-out this massive docking station!

Pyramid power plug solves wall wart problems

With the huge number of wall warts we all have for our various electronics gadgets, it’s become difficult to find plugs for them all. Not any longer with the Powramid.

USB flash drive protection

If you need to protect the valuable data contained on your USB flash drive but don’t want the added complexity of encryption, this combination lock may keep prying eyes away from your files.

USB powered LCD mini monitor

Add a tad bit more screen area to your computing experience with this no-hassle USB connected auxiliary LCD monitor.