Peel and stick LED hood ornaments

Using the power of the wind, these LED hood ornaments bring peel-and-stick bling to any hoopty or fly ride.

GPS car mirror helps you avoid speedtraps and cameras

If you want to automatically keep track of red-light cameras and speed traps, and be informed whenever you’re near one, this GPS based automobile mirror is exactly what you need.

Fake racing brake caliper covers

Maybe you bought the fake turbo sound kit I wrote about some time ago, and now you’re looking to boost the perceived “performance” of your cheap riced-out Hyundai Tiburon. What next, though? How about some fancy looking racing brakes without the painful pricetag!

Musical car horn plays mp3s

Whether you’re a wanna-be Duke boy desiring to blast Dixie-horn music from your 1988 Hyundai, or just wanting to impress the minivan sitting next to you with your fine choices in deathmetal, this mp3 playing car horn will toot your horn, so to speak.

Toy cars from the ‘hood

Yo yo yo! If regular Matchbox type toy cars are not representative of the neighborhoods you roll in, check these out and see if they are a better match!

Ultimate tailgating luxury

If you’re one of those party animals who really enjoys tailgating, whether at a concert or football game, this set of hitch-mounted hammocks will bring your enjoyment to a new level.

Hillbillies rejoice! Animated animals for your hitch

If you’ve got a redneck or a hillbilly on your shopping list this year, here is a product that’s sure to excite them: motorized, animated animals and motorcycles that mount on their pickup truck’s hitch!

Record your driving with an in-car DVR

Whether you’re just driving to the local store or (more likely) you’re a performance driving nut who wants to analyze your skills, this solid-state in-car digital video recorder will create the videos for you.

Avoid red light camera tickets

This miracle spray claims to make your license plate unreadable to the red-light traffic cameras that are springing-up at intersections everywhere.

Wide angle view for your car

Stick this wide angle lens on the top part of your car’s windshield, and you can see stoplights and signs more easily.