Economy cardboard iPhone case

Has the economy hit you a bit hard recently so that you need to protect your iPhone while still maintaining your budget? This iPhone carrying case gives you the protection you desire at a wallet-friendly price!

Charge and sync a gigantic pile of iPhones and iPods at once

If you’re rich enough to own up to 20 iPods and/or iPhones, you can probably afford to hire a servant to charge and sync all of your devices, but in the off-chance you want to do it yourself, check-out this massive docking station!

Review of X-mini II and X-mini MAX II

I was recently sent a couple of the new series II X-mini portable speaker systems to review here on the site. The X-mini series claims to deliver “Sound beyond size” and even comes with a faux warning label stating “Warning – Unbelievably Loud”. So, do these tiny, inexpensive speakers live-up to those bold claims? Read-on […]

Waterproof MP3 headphones go anywhere

If you like to swim, kayak, hike, or do any other vigorous activity with a bit of music, you need to take these lightweight, waterproof mp3 playing headphones along for the ride.

Review of Zagg Z.buds earbuds

Zagg has released a new set of audio earbuds for use with the iPhone (and other phones players with limitations) called the Z.buds. The Z.buds aim to offer superior sound, advanced design, and high style in an affordable package. Do they deliver?

Folding cello goes anywhere you feel like playing

The cello is one of the largest instruments you’ll see people playing and it’s not exactly a great option if you want to travel. This folding cello solves that problem!

Listen to internet radio anywhere in your house

Now, you can listen to streaming internet radio stations without being in front of your computer thanks to the WiFi internet radio.

Float your iPod in the pool for cool tunes

You never have to be without your iPod and your huge library of music, even when you’re in the swimming pool thanks to this floating amplified speaker/dock set.

Wrist mounted MP4 video player

Now you can feel like Dick Tracy with your very own wrist-watch style video watch! It also plays mp3s and of course, tells the time.

Make your iPod boom with powerful sound

Looking somewhat like a fancy guitar amp, this iPod speaker system gives you the power to annoy your neighbors and overcome noisy kids all in the interest of hearing your tunes or podcasts.