Take your own vacation photos

Take your own self portraits with this handheld camera extension
And avoid handing your valuable camera to a stranger.

How many times have you been on a trip or vacation and wanted to take a self-portrait? Usually, you try to select some trustworthy looking stranger to hand your camera to and hope that they will take your photo rather than take-off with your camera. (For what it’s worth, I always offer to take photos for people in these situations and actually enjoy it, but you never know if you can trust people.)

Well, the Quikpod lets you solve that problem. The Quickpod is a telescoping extension arm that is somewhat like a single-leg tripod. You mount your camera to the end of the pole and hold it out so that you can take your self portrait with whatever background you please. Of course, you might need a bit of practice holding a camera of any weight out like that for any length of time, but it will work with some effort.

The Quikpod with carry bag and some other accessories ranges from $25 to $30.