Stick-anywhere camera tripod

The stick-anywhere Monsterpod camera mount
Never be at a loss for a place to stick your camera for that perfect shot.

Made from a visco-elastic polymer, the Monsterpod is one interesting temporary camera mount. It will stick to stone, glass, cement, trees, and all sorts of other surfaces for 1 to 10 minutes. It will support a camera up to 20 ounces in weight upside down, sideways or any other position. When you’re done taking the photo, just peel the Monsterpod off and if the gooey plastic is dirty, simply wash with water to renew the stickiness.

I’m sure that the first few times you trust your expensive digital camera to this gizmo, it’ll be pretty tense, but if it works as they claim, the Monsterpod would easily be worth the $35 pricetag (cheaper if you buy more than one).