Give your camera creepy, bendy legs

Gorillapod all terrain camera tripod
You can give your digital (or regular) camera its own legs to let it stand, hang, or cling to nearly anything so you can get the perfect photo.

Looking something like an alien ship from War of the Worlds, this Gorillapod all-terrain camera tripod is a very cool idea! You simply attach your camera like any other tripod but then you can bend and form the three tripod legs to accommodate uneven surfaces or to even cling to a handrail.

Gorillapod all terrain camera tripod
With the Gorillapod all terrain tripod, you’ll never miss your photo opportunity whether it’s taking a long exposure shot at night or just trying to get a self portrait when there’s nobody else around who can (or you trust) to take it. It’s perfect for vacation photos! You can get the Gorillapod in a small version for point-and-shoot cameras ($22), a large version for DSLR/SLR ($40), and an even larger version for use with zoom lenses ($50).


  1. Yes yes yes I have used this and the cheap knock off and this is the best!
    I have this I use this I recommend this. You will be surprised how handy this is. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in some of you own photos? Use this and set the cameras on delay and you are set. No more setting the camera on a ledge or car hood and hoping it does not falloff and smash. Rating = 9.4