Binoculars with a built-in digital camera

A digital camera integrated into a pair of binoculars
This gizmo is sure to keep the peeping Toms busy, but I suppose that it’s actually targeted at hikers, bird watchers, and other outdoorsy type people. It combines a set of binoculars with a 5 mega-pixel digital camera.

Combining a pair of 8×32 optical binoculars which will zoom up to 8X with a digital camera gives you the Point ‘n View. The digital camera portion has a 1.5 inch LCD screen which lets you preview your shots and when you’ve captured everything you want, use a USB cable to download the images to your computer. The binoculars looks like your standard everyday fare and are nothing fancy.

The Point ‘n View 8×32 binoculars with built-in 5MP digital camera are $236 — 4 AA batteries not included.