Blob of foam becomes a Bumbo baby seat

Bumbo Seat helps babies sit upright
Take a bit of foam and mold it into a cool shape to create a cool seat that helps babies sit up. Simple and effective!

OK, I know this is an unusual subject, but I try to cover gizmos and gadgets I think are cool, interesting, or unique, and this fit the bill, so here goes…

The Bumbo seat in use
I saw one of these Bumbo Seats when I visited a family member a while ago. It’s a specially shaped seat that you can “pop” a small infant into and it will help them learn to sit upright. If you’ve not dealt with a kid who can’t yet sit-up, this may sound like no big deal, but when you sit the kid in this seat and it works like it does, I couldn’t help but think “hey, that’s pretty cool.” The Bumbo seat is made of a semi-rigid foam that’s got a sealed surface, so it’s soft and pliable yet strong enough to act as a seat with a squirming kid in it.

The base Bumbo Seat is $40 and comes in a number of colors. You can also buy a play tray for another $10. Keep this thing in mind if you know anyone who’s having a kid soon!


  1. That does sound like a helpful product. Good pick.

  2. The seat is very cool!! I think it is a great gift idea, I think it would be very helpful to my sister who just had a baby