Tune-up your car by plugging something into the lighter socket?

The Power Shift device claims to tune your car by just plugging it in.
This might just be the biggest sucker gadget that I’ve ever seen. Simply by plugging this thing into your lighter socket, they claim to improve fuel efficiency, make your audio sound better, tune up the body of your car, and more!

Here’s one that I think P.T. Barnum had a hand in creating.

The Ritz Power Shift is a small electronic doodad that you plug into your car’s cigarette lighter plug. Once you do that, the manufacturer claims that you’ll see

  • Better fuel economy
  • More power
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved audio
  • (and get this) A cleaner auto body


Their site is filled with massive amounts of mis-spellings and grammatical mistakes that don’t exactly inspire confidence if the reader were questioning the seemingly voodoo-like qualities of this magical device. You’ll have to go read it yourself as I can’t do it justice here without cutting and pasting.

The Power Shift is available in two models: a professional model for $125 and a regular model for $100. Step right up, P.T. Barnum is waiting inside!

It’s the perfect accessory to go with your adhesive automobile sunroof and fake turbo!


  1. Will the $125.00 model cure cancer? It seems to do everything else.


  2. It might, Steve, I just don’t want to know where it’s plugged to solve health issues 😉

  3. according to the “availability” it is ” currently unavailable” Sold out maybe????? I think not!!!

  4. Oh! I think I will include it on my Lund Superstep Running Board Kit. Great!

  5. Does it work well with Toyota accessories?

  6. Hey really is it possible with this. I would like to grab it first.

  7. Wow… that is so amazing! Is it compatible with mercedes parts?

  8. I actually saw these for sale at a flea market here in Florida. They were selling for $19.99. This was sometime in March of 09. People were actually buying them too.