Toy cars from the ‘hood

Matchbox cars from the hood
Yo yo yo! If regular Matchbox type toy cars are not representative of the neighborhoods you roll in, check these out and see if they are a better match!

It seems that the urban (ghetto) lifestyle is getting more and more “hip” every day. First it was buying jeans with holes, then wearing homie pants down around your knees, and now, it’s cool to have a burned toy car.

If you (or your kid) likes model cars, you may already be tired of the Porsches, Ferrarris, and the other cars typically portrayed in these toys. So, add these unique, artistically burned Matchbox mods to your collection and feel a bit more connected to the common man. Choose from The Joy ridden 2-door Hatchback, The Mini Van/Insurance Scam and The Petrol Bombed Jeep — each has been lovingly burned by hand to give you a unique, one-of-a-kind collectible!

Grab your own Urban Collectible car for $50. I guess “art” isn’t cheap…

[Thanks PopGadget]

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