Simple idea creates a desk/laptop stand in your car!

Temporary writing surface attaches to your car’s steering wheel
Never be without a decent place to write in your car ever again! This automobile desk is easy to use and pretty clever!

This is a super-simple, elegant solution to finding a writing surface to use in your car. The EasyDesk is a simple board with an oblong hole cut along the top. The board slips over the top of your steering wheel and creates a supported, effective, temporary writing surface.

If that weren’t enough, you can use it to hold a laptop for a bit of road-side computing. It’s definitely much simpler than the laptop concept I’ve seen recently which had an over-complicated bracket.

If you’re someone who does more than a tiny bit of writing in the car (I’m talking to you appraisers, real estate agents, estimators, and more!) you can get the EasyDesk for only $40. Just don’t try to use it while driving!