Record your driving with an in-car DVR

In-car DVR records your lap times and other information
Whether you’re just driving to the local store or (more likely) you’re a performance driving nut who wants to analyze your skills, this solid-state in-car digital video recorder will create the videos for you.

If you’re an automobile enthusiast who enjoys the art of performance driving, you know that studying your turns through a track will let you tweak your path for the fastest lap-time possible. The problem is that duct-taping a camcorder to the passenger’s seat headrest is really a poor way to capture that in-car video you’re looking for.

So grab yourself an advanced solid-state automobile digital video recording system called the BulletDVR. With this DVR, you can connect various things such as waterproof cameras which are designed for the harsh environments found on the track. The included software lets you catalog all of your setup notes so you can compare suspension adjustments, tire pressure, or other variables. The recording is done on flash memory so your videos won’t be affected by high G-forces or vibration. This is the professional quality tool you need to go from the local street-racing hang-out to something that will put a bit of cash into your pocket!

You could also find other uses for a system like this, such as making indie films or maybe even cops could use it for recording traffic stops. Pretty handy.

Get the BulletDVR starting at $749 and up depending on your options.


  1. Really cool idea. Although at $749 I bet this is only for a special group of people.