Peel and stick LED hood ornaments

Wind-powered LED hood ornament
Using the power of the wind, these LED hood ornaments bring peel-and-stick bling to any hoopty or fly ride.

Are you one of those people who loves to accessorize your cars? Do you add home-built wooden whale-tails, hack coffee cans to give the appearance of a performance exhaust, and generally add anything that lights-up to your car?

If so, these wind-powered LED hood ornaments are just your thing!

Crafted from the finest in cheap plastics, these little beauties have a small blade that is turned by the wind as you drive down the road. All of that green energy is used to light-up multiple colored LEDs which cause the plastic to glow. There’s no complicated installation required — just peel the backing off of the built-on adhesive and stick it wherever you please on your car, bicycle, or whatever.

Just imagine the chicks you’ll get with one of these on your hold rustbucket. They’ll melt when they see how concerned you are with wind energy. Just don’t tell them that you added this LED wind-powered hood ornament for only $5.

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  1. How cool! I wonder if you could attach them to a bicycle too? My son thinks his bike is the rolls royce of bikes! LOL