Never be locked out of your car again

Key vault installed in your car’s unused hitch
As long as you have a trailer hitch, you can have the security of always having a spare key handy just in case you get locked-out.

Using a combination lock with 10,000 possible codes, this clever idea lets you use your car’s hitch mount to store a spare key. The HitchSafe Key Vault installs easily and quickly into your car’s existing square hitch mount without tools or other hassles. You set the combination code, put your key in the drawer, and lock the drawer.

The vault has security features which help prevent someone from opening the vault, such as internal pins, and also has a rubber dust and dirt cover to help keep the lock working even in rough conditions. The only disadvantage happens if you use your hitch often, which means that you’ll have to keep removing the vault to install the ball mount. However, if you’re like 99.9% of all hitch-owners, you’ll never install a hitch on your car and in that case, why not use it to securely store a spare key?

The HitchSafe Key Vault is only $70, which is the cost of a single locksmith visit to open your locked car – check it out!


  1. I’d have to ditch my spinning propeller to use this thing? Forget it!