Mount a DVD player and LCD screen in your car’s visor

Automotive visor-mounted CD/DVD player with LCD screen
Now you can easily add a mobile entertainment system to your car without spending thousands or hiring expensive custom installation. This DVD player and LCD monitor install right in the existing visor!

It seems that mobile entertainment systems are all the rage right now. It’s become very common to pull up behind a car at night and see a couple of LCD screens playing movies to entertain the kids in the back seat. Generally, these systems are installed by the factory due to the complexity required for mounting the system and worse yet, they usually cost a couple thousand bucks!

Well, now you can retrofit your car and become the latest entertainment maven on the block. The Sun Visor Theater DVD player/TV installs easily into the spot current held by your single-function sun visor. The player features a 7″ 16:9 LCD screen. The DVD player will play movies, mp3s, SVCDs and just about any other common format. There is even an SD card slot so you can display your digital photos.

The Sun Visor Theater is only $299, which is about 1/8 the cost of factory systems, so I’d say it’s a pretty good deal!