LED valve caps help you keep an eye on your tires

LED valve caps help you keep your tires at the correct pressure
Promising to save you money through reduced tire wear and increased gas mileage, these small caps screw onto the valve-stem on your tires and light-up when the pressure gets too low.

Claiming that a small 2.96psi pressure drop can cost you 4 cents per gallon in fuel economy, the maker of these nifty indicators hopes to help you save money. The caps will work on tires with 20 to 120 psi pressure and auto-calibrate to the tire. Then, when the pressure drops as little as 4 psi, a built-in LED will begin blinking, hopefully catching your eye so you can add a bit more air.

Of course, something like this would also attract the eye of wandering punks and hoodlums who would steal these to put on their bicycles for a cool LED spinning effect, but that’s just a side-effect. With the rising cost of gasoline these days, you’ll save the 4 cents or more per gallon which could pay for these pretty quickly.

The VECSAFE tire pressure monitoring valve caps are $5 each and will last 2-3 years in standby mode (not blinking).


  1. I heard about these on a radio interview the other night. They were talking to the guy who invented these. It was quite interesting. However, one of the DJ’s didn’t use these right and put the cap on the Schrader valve wrong. His tire was flat by the next day. He did say that the LED was blinking when the tire was flat. So I guess they work great!

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