GPS car mirror helps you avoid speedtraps and cameras

Automobile mirror that has built-in GPS to help locate red light cameras and speed traps
If you want to automatically keep track of red-light cameras and speed traps, and be informed whenever you’re near one, this GPS based automobile mirror is exactly what you need.

If you’re one of those people who drives a little bit too fast and is constantly worried about getting a speeding ticket, or you’re an exceptionally unsafe driver to likes to run red lights (you shouldn’t do that, BTW) then you’re probably on the lookout for ways to avoid getting tickets.

If you grab this GPS based red-light and speedtrap detecting mirror, you’ll have automatic protection as you careen unsafely everywhere you go. The mirror has a built-in database of speed traps and red light cameras which can be updated via their website. You can also add your own “points of interest”. When the GPS in the mirror detects you getting near one of these points, it will announce to you using a voice and also the LEDs on the display.

The Cheetah GPSMirror is not entirely for people looking to break the law and drive unsafely though, as it also has a warning if you’re exceeding the speed limit, which will be good for those looking to actually stay within the law.

Grab your Cheetah GPS Mirror Speed & Red Light Detector car mirror for around $280. It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than getting tickets from The Man. Of course, you should never be speeding or running red lights in the first place, so perhaps you can save yourself some money (and possibly your life) by simply driving in an acceptable manner.

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