Electric cooler bag

Keep food cold with this soft-sided chiller bag
It’s like those fancy Igloo coolers that use electricity to keep things cold, except this is soft-sided and easier to store!

As I sit here in FL on a quick trip and the heat index is 104 degrees, I have been reminded how hard it can be to get things like ice cream home from the store when you live in a hot locale.

Sure you could keep a huge hard-sided cooler in the car, but it’s there all the time, taking-up space. If only you could get the cooling power of a Peltier cooler in folding soft-sided insulated bag…

Enter the CarryCool. It’s a soft-sided insulated bag, which is good, but they’ve also mounted an electronic cooling device in the side which allows the bag to actively keep things cool without ice. Best of all, you can fold it and stash it out of the way when you’re not using it.

Get the CarryCool for a wallet-busting $156.



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