Convert from gas guzzler to grease guzzler

Conversion kit to run your car from leftover vegetable oil
Power your car with leftover french-fry goodness.

Allright – we know that french fries are tasty and that gasoline is expensive (actual cost, wars, etc.) You’ve seen those people on Discovery channel who convert their cars to run from leftover oil and grease from the local chinese restaurant. Surely it’s difficult, right?

Not so, at least as long as you use the Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems conversion kit.

For $800 or so, you can convert your gas guzzler to run off of grease leftover from local restaurants and other sources. It’s for diesels only, but looks to be relatively painless as long as you’re willing to live with a heated fuel tank and other oddities required to keep the vegetable squeezin’s liquid.

Just beware of Homer trying to score your grease.


  1. This is pretty interesting. Usually you just hear you can dump the filtered stuff into you tank. I didn’t think that it would have needed a heated tank, which makes sense. But with this kit, you got to wonder when the fast food places will start to charge for you to take their “oil”. I’ve already heard of this going on. Probably not in the small towns though.
    I think I would try the Moo Shoo Pork “oil” rather then the McDonalds fry “oil”. That would smell better when I am cruzing by.