Avoid red light camera tickets

PhotoBlock Spray helps avoid red-light traffic cameras
This miracle spray claims to make your license plate unreadable to the red-light traffic cameras that are springing-up at intersections everywhere.

First-off, I need to say that running red lights is BAD. Even “pushing the light” can be risky and possibly get someone injured or killed. I’m just reporting on a gizmo that you may find interesting and do not condone its use!

Now that’s out of the way… Most of use are familiar with the red-light cameras that are being installed at intersections in many towns. The system has a camera up on a pole which takes a photograph of your license plate if you enter the intersection too late (running the light) and then the (often for-profit private) company mails you a traffic ticket.

Enter a product called PhotoBlocker Spray. It’s a clear spray that you cover your license plate with which claims to diffract the light from the bright flash used in the traffic cameras, thus making your plate unreadable. If they can’t read the plate, then they can’t send you the ticket. The spray claims to be completely invisible to the naked eye and only affects the view of the camera. Various internet rumors state that you can coat your plate with many coats of hairspray to get the same effect, but who knows. Better call MythBusters!

The PhotoBlocker Spray is $30 for a can that treats up to two vehicles. It’s also sold internationally. How about saving the money and just don’t run the lights instead?


  1. This was already on mythbusters. They said it was complete BS. However, it was also featured by the troubleshooter Tom Martino and he said it worked.

  2. I could have used this last month! Sure, I would give this a try, who knows.

  3. Who is going to try this? would you? There is only one thing that works and thats not to go through red lights.

  4. I can’t believe people would even try this. What is their money back guarantee.

    ” If you should receive a $100.00 ticket, we’ll refund your $30.00 purchase price. Providing of course you can prove …..

    Ya sign me up.


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