Waterproof MP3 headphones go anywhere

Heaphones with built-in mp3 player are waterproof
If you like to swim, kayak, hike, or do any other vigorous activity with a bit of music, you need to take these lightweight, waterproof mp3 playing headphones along for the ride.

Some things, like exercising, are simply better with music. Or perhaps you like to enjoy audiobooks while hiking through the mountains. No matter what your preference for activity, these lightweight headphones will provide the audio rain or shine.

The problem with most headphones and/or mp3 players is that you must be careful about getting them wet. It doesn’t matter if it’s rain or sweat, the sensitive electronics don’t like it. And if you’re a swimmer or enjoy another watery sport like sea kayaking, forget it, right?

Not so with the new Mi-Sport sport headphones with integrated mp3 player. These lightweight, waterproof and wireless headphones have a 1GB mp3 player built right into the main headphone body. So, unlike a regular mp3 player with headphone attached by a wire, there is no cord to get in your way while enjoying your activities. The controls to play, pause and skip are right on the headphone so there’s no fumbling for a remote control.

The headphones are waterproof, so you can even use them while swimming in a pool! I have no idea what the sound would be like underwater, as I’ve never tried to listen to music while submerged, but it could be interesting to try.

If you’re someone who needs the cordless, weather and water-proof design, then the $99 price of the Mi-Sport Headphones should be a no-brainer.

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  1. music in the bath sounds good

  2. It looks like singing in the rain has just became a reality

  3. whaw…i could enjoy the music over the rain and with swimming….

  4. While you say wearing them in the rain is good, we get a lot of thunderstorms here, so maybe not such a good idea in that case 🙂

  5. Waterproof head phones.
    I saw a guy swimming laps in the pool with these. He said the sound was good not great but they stayed on his head and the construction was first rate. When swimming laps for an hour, a good shot of rock and roll helps pass the time. Rated 8.5