Tired of watching tiny videos on iPods or other PMPs?

Someone using the myvu goggles
These goggles might be your answer.

The myvu goggles for iPod are specially designed to play 320×240 videos which are commonly found on portable media players such as, obviously, the iPod. They give the effect of viewing a 30 inch screen when worn, which is a big improvement over the 2 inch screen on most portable players.

The goggles feature an LCD panel for each eye as well as build-in stereo earbuds. The cord has a playback controller so that you don’t have to remove the goggles to view the iPod screen. Additionally, the myvue for iPod provides some useful goodies such as a “backpack” battery which ups playback time to 6 hours as well as connections to charge your player in the car or at home.

You might be interested in reading a review of the myvu before you spend the $270. It’s a good chunk of cash to watch relatively low-resolution videos, but if you travel frequently and are tired of squinting at the tiny display on your iPod, this is probably a good solution.