Swiss army style portable audio cable tester

Professional audio cable tester that is portable
For the rock star, public speaker or anyone else who uses lots of audio cables, this audio cable tester is the “Swizz Army” tool for ensuring everything will work.

The Ebtech “Swizz Army” 6-in-1 cable tester is a portable gizmo that will let you verify that your audio cables are in working order before you go on-stage or embarrass your clients. Using the tester, you simply connect both ends of the cable in question and the tester will give you a simple indication that the cable is defective or A-OK.

Obviously, something like this which tests XLR cables and other high-end/professional audio cables is not targeted at the average consumer. However, for the band who plays nightly gigs in different locations or the motivational speaker who needs to be heard clearly, testing these cables is of the utmost importance.

The Ebtech 6-in-1 cable tester is about $180 from the manufacturer and slightly cheaper from other sources as indicated here.