Sparkly speakers glow while playing your music

The iLight glowing amplified speakers for your iPod or other player
If you’re looking for some speakers to plug your iPod or other mp3 player into, you could get a pair of generic, boring old-school speakers, or you could get these glowing, wavy iLight speakers to keep things interesting.

Each iLight speaker contains two “high quality” drivers which reproduce your favorite music just as you’d expect from a set of amplified speakers. However, these speakers also pack a wacky, wavy design that looks somewhat like ice with multi-colored LED lighting embedded within. The lighting color changes and pulses to the beat of your music and the effect is adjustable to suit your tastes.

The iLife portable audio player speakers are £34.99.


  1. love em, love, em love em. Oh a thing of beauty. Someone tell me more about them. They sound fabulous.

  2. Wow, looking at this reminds me of the old disco music days. But, these speakers would definatly keep you awake at night! d:-)