Robotic retracting speakers

Motorized retracting home theater speakers
Find that balance between your wife’s preference for appearance and your desire for the ultimate home theatre.

It’s not an uncommon argument. Men want the best, loudest, most impressive home theatre system. Women want the room to look nice. In the past, these two ideas were mutually exclusive. Now, thanks to SpeakerCraft’s TIME Five new speakers, you can please both parties.

The TIME Five speakers are ceiling-mounted speakers with a unique twist: they include motors which tilt the speakers down for better soundstage positioning and can even rotate the speakers to help tweak the placement. When you’re done listening, the speakers retract flush with the ceiling, making them nearly invisible. The speakers include an 8 inch woofer and 1 inch metallic dome tweeter and can accept up to 100 watts of power. Now, you can feed your gizmo hunger for a rockin’ home theatre and keep your wife happy the rest of the time!

The SpeakerCraft TIME Five speakers will run you $750 each, which is hefty, but remember that you can impress your buddies with a robotic retracting speaker that keeps the peace in your marriage.