Out of this world earphones

The Shure E500PTH earbuds
Who would have thought that you could spend $500 on a pair of in-ear earphones?

I’ve often balked at the pricetags of the nice iPods, which are around $500. For that price, you get a decent chunk of tech – a micro hard drive, software, controller board, and headphones.

However, for those with loads of cash, they can blow the same $500 just replacing the headphone that came with their $500 iPod. The Shure E500PTH earphones claim to offer the ultimate in sonic fidelity by using three drivers for each ear. That means that each ear is treated to a tweeter and not just one, but TWO woofers! The added woofers are supposed to give you unheard-of bass response for an in-ear design.

As a bonus, the “PTH” stands for Push-To-Hear. You see, when you splurge for this level of luxury, you don’t have to be bothered with removing the earphone (or both) when someone is talking to you. You simply activate a switch that funnels external sounds through a microphone and into your ear. No more lifting those heavy earbuds just to listen to somebody blab!

Indulge yourself and pry the $500 our of your wallet for the Shure E500PTH earphones and let me know how they sound. I’m still waiting to buy the iPod to run them with.