Make your iPod boom with powerful sound

iPod speaker system
Looking somewhat like a fancy guitar amp, this iPod speaker system gives you the power to annoy your neighbors and overcome noisy kids all in the interest of hearing your tunes or podcasts.

This iPod speaker is unlike most that you’ve run across — it is much more likely to be used for parties or outdoor events than listening in your house. It uses a powerful amplifier and sturdy aluminum construction to project high-fidelity sound up to 150 feet. It has rechargable batteries and built-in wheels to help you move it around. It’s just what you need for a block party or maybe if you don’t have a car stereo, you can set it in the back seat and boom those high school punks back to Kraco land!

The Ion Audio iPod speaker system will also work with other audio players and will run you around $300. It’s a small price to pay if you want to become the next hot DJ with your iPod and superior sense of music taste.