Listen to internet radio anywhere in your house

WiFi enabled radio plays streaming audio from the internet
Now, you can listen to streaming internet radio stations without being in front of your computer thanks to the WiFi internet radio.

There’s no doubt that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of good quality streaming internet radio stations. The main problem with listening to these stations is that you have to be near your computer which must be connected to the internet. Unless you have a computer, for example, in your bedroom, you generally won’t be listening to internet stations in there.

The Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio has a built-in WiFi network card which allows it to connect to your computer (Windows or Mac) and play the your existing files, but it will also connect online and get streaming audio anywhere in the house that you can get a wireless signal – no computer required. It also features line-in connections for connecting your mp3 players if you so desire. And it does all of this while looking like a normal radio.

That’s pretty cool and it definitely makes streaming audio from the internet much more usable! You can get the Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio for $350, but there are two additional models available which are a bit cheaper and remove some of the features to save some money.


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