Folding cello goes anywhere you feel like playing

Clever folding cello is easy to travel with
The cello is one of the largest instruments you’ll see people playing and it’s not exactly a great option if you want to travel. This folding cello solves that problem!

You’ve probably seen a cello before: it looks like a gigantic violin that stands on the floor. It’s not exactly the kind of instrument that you just lightly pick-up and carry around when you travel. So, what happens if you need to travel and you want to take a cello along to practice on?

Grab the Grasshopper Folding Cello. It folds into a compact rectangular shape that fits nicely into the included padded bag. It’s small enough to take as your carry-on bag on an airplane. It can be played “silently” or using an electronic pick-up with the included headphones so that you don’t disturb anyone in the hotel.

You have to order the Grasshopper Folding Cello from some craftsmen in the Netherlands, so don’t go looking for one in your local music store. The cost is €1650.


  1. Well, nice idea I guess, but will it play much like a cello and then, will it sell much like a cello? You have to have your doubts as it seems kind of gimmicky.

  2. Yeah, I wonder how much of a chello sound it actually gives off… The price tag is pretty steep too. I wish someone would invent a folding guitar as well, it’d be so much easier to travel with. Actually, it’d be pretty funny to arrive at a students place to give guitar lessons, unfold my guitar, and start playing 🙂