Float your iPod in the pool for cool tunes

Floating waterproof iPod/mp3 case with amplified speakers
You never have to be without your iPod and your huge library of music, even when you’re in the swimming pool thanks to this floating amplified speaker/dock set.

If you plan on lounging around the local pool more as the summer heat arrives, you might be interested in taking a few of your tunes with you. The only problem is that your iPod generally doesn’t like the one thing you’re going to the pool for — the water. So what do you do?

You buy the Waterproof iPod Soundcase!

The Soundcase combines a set of high-powered speakers with a water-tight enclosure designed especially for your iPod (you do have one, right?) so you can float your tunes around the pool as you drift. The case even has a rubber bumper surrounding it so that the pool walls don’t damage the drive in your iPod. It’s compatible with many iPods (including the video for which it even has a stand to hold it at an angle) as well as other lesser mp3 players. Just don’t float your brown Zune around or people might think it’s something nasty in the pool!

Get your Waterproof iPod Soundcase for $124 and get ready to make a spash at the local pool, music and all!