Archives for March 2011

One wall outlet to rule them all

I hope that someday, all houses will have at least one of these awesome outlets in each room similar to how every house has a primitive telephone jack in nearly every room.

The Stampler is a staplin’ and stampin’ all at once

Kill two boring office tasks in one slam of your fist with the Stampler — the combination stapler and rubber stamp!

Handy handrail hanging planters

These interesting flower pots don’t balance precariously on your patio handrail — they use it for stability!

Live long and Spocker

Whether you’re a kitchen geek or just love Star Trek, you will want a set of these interesting oven mitts!

How much money do you waste in meetings?

This cool clock will help you track the massive amounts of time and money that you and your company waste in meetings.

Space Invaders are attacking from your ceiling!

Space Invaders lampshades for hanging lamps let you celebrate your retro interests while also being artistic and functional!

New look for Gizmo-Central!

I know posting has been a bit sparse lately, but I’m getting reinvigorated to work on the site a bit! Today, the first part of that fell into place. For quite a while, Gizmo-Central has been stuck on a pre-3.x release of WordPress because the them I chose years ago would not properly work with […]