Archives for May 2009

Bacon salt can make anything taste good

Bacon is a powerful food — it can make the nastiest vegetables taste good and it can make your best burger more than you ever imagined. What if you could combine the flavor of bacon with salt? Dream no more…

Make your own shot glasses from ice

You’ll have the coolest (literally) shots in town for the summer BBQ season when you make your own shot-glasses from ice.

Remote control beerbot keeps you refreshed

Amaze your friends at your next backyard party with this portable, remote controlled beer/drink delivery robot.

Futuristic fish aquariums

None of us may ever live to see a truly different future where arcology is used for human living, but you can bring a bit of futuristic flair to your home with these hand-made aquariums that look like something from a sci-fi TV show.