Archives for January 2009

Lighted billiard balls are a bright idea

No matter how wasted you are, play a game of pool with these light-up billard balls and you’ll have an easier time making your shots.

Toy Security Checkpoint

Teach your kids about long lines, grumpy people, and the wonderful world of modern air travel with this amazing security checkpoing playset!

Boost the storage on your Eee-PC with cheap CF cards

Are you one of the many Asus Eee-PC owners who would like to boost the internal storage of your ultra-portable netbook? Do it cheap and quickly with this DIY CF to SSD adapter.

Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon

Mmmm… Star Wars and Lego… Like peanut butter and chocolate! If you’re into Star Wars Lego sets, this is the absolute hands-down ultimate Millennium Falcon boxed Lego set you can buy!