Archives for December 2008

Review of Zagg Z.buds earbuds

Zagg has released a new set of audio earbuds for use with the iPhone (and other phones players with limitations) called the Z.buds. The Z.buds aim to offer superior sound, advanced design, and high style in an affordable package. Do they deliver?

LED dog collar lights the way for Fido

Keep your dog from tripping in the dark, or let him carry the light for you with this LED-lit dog collar.

Turn your fish into circus animals

Amaze your friends and neighbors with your trained fish as they perform miraculous tasks like fetching pebbles and swimming through hoops!

Portable spy system just like in the movies

Whether you’ve got a legit use for covertly recording audio and video or you just want to feel like James Bond, this affordable spy system will captures the information you desire.

Gun-shaped fried eggs? What next?

Do you have a child who’s into cowboys and would love pistol-shaped eggs for breakfast? Are you shopping for someone who’s mad about Western movies and already has everything except gun-shaped fried eggs? Read on!