Archives for December 2007

Liquor lock keeps thirsty mouths away from your booze

Whether you’re trying to keep your teenage kids from watering your whiskey or stop your mooching brother-in-law from slugging your scotch (huh Sean?), this liquor lock will act as your booze’s bodyguard.

Toy cars from the ‘hood

Yo yo yo! If regular Matchbox type toy cars are not representative of the neighborhoods you roll in, check these out and see if they are a better match!

Outlet strip that holds lots of wall warts!

I think nearly any gadget freak or even just your casual technology user will have a sizable pile of AC adapters (aka wall warts) sitting around and no way to plug them all in at once. This radial outlet strip will let you get all of your adapters charging and powering at the same time!

Get a grip on your outdoor fauce handle

Whether it’s cold and your hands are not working to their full potential or you just have an old water spigot that’s broken or hard to turn, these faucet “mitts” will keep your hands safe.

Super toilette for romantic number twos in twos

If you’re so enamored with your lover that you can’t stand to be apart even while you’re, ahem, visiting the crapper, you’ll be wanting this new Super Toilette to keep your relationship in harmony.

Star Wars Poker Chips

Bring a new air of geekiness to your poker parties with this Star Wars themed poker chip set!

Personal planetarium

This super-cool hand-held gizmo lets you navigate the night sky with ease as you locate constellations and other points of interest.

Transformers + Star Wars = coolest toy ever?

Individually, the Transformers toys and Star Wars toys are pretty cool. But, like peanut butter and chocolate tasting better together, combining these two techie toy categories leads to an off-the-scale dorkalicious result!