Archives for October 2007

Charge your electronic devices easily

With these clever holders, you don’t have to lay your cellphone on the floor or stretch a long ungainly cord to charge the batteries.

Keep tabs on your pets (or children) with GPS

Watch Fido’s movements through the forest or just cheat at hide-and-seek with this fancy tracking GPS tool.

Star Wars Lego watches for the mega dork

Combining Legos with Star Wars, these watches make the guys in Revenge of the Nerds look cool.

Hippies and Mario addicts unite!

Mushroom shaped lights will make both Mario maniacs and hippie herbheads jump for joy!

Zoltar sees your wallet getting thinner!

Everyone’s favorite mechanical fortune teller is no longer only to be found in carnivals and fairs. You can own Zoltar, for a price.

Ultimate tailgating party kit

You’ll feel like McGyver when you arrive to your local stadium armed with this all-in-one portable grill, utensils, and cooler!

Floating desk globe amazes and educates

Combine the class and style of having your own globe with technology that amaze and impress your visitors with this anti-gravity globe.

Is it a helicopter or flying robot?

When flying a radio controlled helicopter just isn’t exotic enough for you any longer, you can entertain yourself by flying a hovering robot around instead.

Chumby gives web info anywhere in your home

Get weather info, stock prices, or any number of other web services wirelessly anywhere in your house using this cool new device.

Blob of foam becomes a Bumbo baby seat

Take a bit of foam and mold it into a cool shape to create a cool seat that helps babies sit up. Simple and effective!