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Recent Gizmos & Gadgets

Recent Gizmos & Gadgets

Blast people with a train horn in your car!

Here’s a video showing a couple of guys who installed a train horn into their car and go around blasting people and taping their reactions.

See through time

Now you can see through time, in a manner of speaking, but sorry, you still cannot travel through it!

Grocery list printer with voice recognition

Hang this digital gizmo on your fridge and when you run out of some food, just speak the name and the food is captured and added to the printable list.

Monitor your money wirelessly

If you like to watch the US stock markets, this new gizmo will excite you: it’s a portable, wireless data display for market data.

Grilling your popcorn?

Yep, you can indeed make hot, tasty popcorn on your BBQ grill!

Easier to be lazy with hands-free snooze

Activate the snooze on this combination clock and weather station with the wave of your hand.

A wine cellar in your kitchen

Keeping some good bottles of wine handy is a good idea, but a wine cellar is a better choice for storing wine at the correct temperature. This refrigerator brings the cellar to your kitchen so a drink is never more than a few steps away!

Inkless pen writes with a metal tip

The Fisher Space Pen finally has some competition in the “high durability, it must work” pen category.

Coffee table holds many magazines

But unlike the one probably sitting in your home right now, this one doesn’t look excessively cluttered when loaded with magazines.