Archives for August 2007

The Fridge keeps your canned drinks cold (mini review)

I’m addicted to The Fridge and after 15 years of using one to keep my drinks cold, I’ll be ordering more ASAP!

Maybe now you can really sleep on the plane

If you want to get a bit of rest on your next flight but just can’t seem to get comfortable in the slightly-reclining seats, this could be your next purchase.

Tune-up your car by plugging something into the lighter socket?

This might just be the biggest sucker gadget that I’ve ever seen. Simply by plugging this thing into your lighter socket, they claim to improve fuel efficiency, make your audio sound better, tune up the body of your car, and more!

Self lifting bike racks let you reclaim your garage

These neat self-lifting bicycle racks let you get a bit of floorspace back in your garage by storing bikes on the wall.

Log your travels around town or around the world

Here’s a really cool idea – a personal GPS recorder that uploads to Google Earth so you can see exactly where you’ve been.

Turn your baby into a gamer!

If you want to ensure that your little bundle of joy turns-out to be a hardcore gamer like his Old Man, this is the mobile you’ll want to hang in the room.

Listen to internet radio anywhere in your house

Now, you can listen to streaming internet radio stations without being in front of your computer thanks to the WiFi internet radio.

Chainmail shirt keeps the girls away at work too

If you really want to showboat your dorkness while sitting in your cubicle, get this chainmail shirt like the guy in photo!

Fake sunroof just sticks on

If you’re wanting the appearance of having a sunroof on your car but don’t really care about whether it lets any sun in or not, this stick-on sunroof sticker is just what you’ll need.

Tabletop fireplace keeps you a little bit warm

It’s the thought that counts with this tiny table-top fireplace.