Archives for July 2007

Keep track of how many beers you slam

Probably everyone who drinks beer has, at time or another, lost count of how many they’ve had. This counting bottle opener will do the intellectual work for you!

The pinnacle of perfection for serving wine

Keep a couple bottles of vino the perfect temperature so you can enjoy the ideal flavor.

Let the bills pile-up for weeks and weeks!

We all hate going to the mailbox and finding nothing but greedy bastard companies with their hands out-stretched for money. Now, you can leave them for another day…

Home arcade game that’s easily portable

If you just don’t have the room for a full-sized arcade-style cabinet in your house, yet you long to play MAME or other emulated games on something better than your computer, check this out!

Avoid being locked-out with this lock-box

Nobody likes leaving their spare house keys under a rock or doormat these days, especially when you can have a secure locked key safe instead!

Cool scoop keeps you warm and drinks cool

You no longer have to submerge your arm in the icy slush to retrieve that beer or other drink from the cooler.

Electric alligator to help trim your trees

This gator wants to help you out with your yard work by chopping-off troublesome tree branches with its sharp teeth!

Zip letters open with a USB hub?

Here’s a novel idea: a USB gadget that’s actually useful!

One gallon booze flask

This is for the hardcore drinkers out there only!

Elevator oven takes cooking to new heights

Well, maybe not very high heights, but the elevator that’s built into this oven raises and lowers your food so you aren’t bothered with a door.