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More BBQ: Wireless talking grill thermometer

Continuing the BBQ trend for the upcoming holidays, today I bring you the wireless grill thermometer that talks!

BBQ brush screws right onto the sauce bottle

With the hot weather and upcoming holidays (July 4 in the US) lots and lots of people will be spending their time slaving over a hot BBQ, applying sauce to savory meats. Here’s how you can make it easier!

Help fight terrorism in your bathroom

Do your part to help fight the battle and make Bin Laden disappear when you pee on him.

Star Trek and golfing collide into a unique putter

I’m sure that Captain Picard used a putter like this to practice his shots in the ready room, that is when he wasn’t on the holodeck…

Wireless rollable PDA keyboard made with fabric

For the road warrior who lives by their PDA, having a full-size keyboard is a real productivity enhancer. Yet, you don’t want to haul around a large, rigid keyboard as that ruins the benefits of using a PDA over a laptop. What do you do? Get this wireless keyboard that rolls up!

Give your camera creepy, bendy legs

You can give your digital (or regular) camera its own legs to let it stand, hang, or cling to nearly anything so you can get the perfect photo.

Gallery of posts up to 06-21-2007

Gallery of posts up to 06-21-2007

Hidden screen door keeps bugs out

Do you demand a screen door on your house but don’t like getting abused by it closing on you? Try this…

What if Mr. T played Atari in the 80’s?

If he did (and being the uber-cool 80’s icon that he is, I’m sure he did) he would have liked to have this Atari 2600 joystick necklace amongst his 12 pounds of pimpalicious gold chains.

When lounging around the pool is too much work…

You know, sometimes laying next to a pool is just plain hard work. You have to sweat all that water, process all that vitamin D from the sun’s rays, and above all, you have to stay awake so you don’t get a horrible sunburn. Oh, when will the toiling ever end?