Archives for April 2007

The ultimate stealth camper

While it may look like a utility truck from the outside, when you see the inside of this camper, you’ll realize that camping no longer means “roughing it”.

Your very own personal rainbow factory!

Now you can bait and attract wonderful, happy things with your very own motorized personal rainbow factory – no rain required!

Boost your memory even though you drink booze

It’s generally accepted that drinking too much will cause memory problems, so how can you deal with that issue while still enjoying your hooch? Get this bottle opener!

Magnetic Message Center

Now you can keep your family organized as they cluster around the refridgerator using this electronic message system.

The family that plays (chess) together stays together

You’d be forgiven for not thinking of chess as the first game that your whole family will want to play together, but with this over-sized backyard chess set, that might change.

Radio controlled sister terrorizer

Now little brothers everywhere can enjoy scaring their sisters without getting close enough to be punched.

There’s UFO in my toilet!

OK, upon closer inspection, it just looks like a UFO. It’s really some “aiming aids” which help the night-time bathroom visitor hit the mark.

Colorfully customized keyboards

If you’re a professional (or wanna be) video editor, Photoshop guru, or anyone else who uses common software with keyboard shortcuts, these sticker sets will aid your efficiency in a big way.

This Atari 2600 goes everywhere you go!

Now you can take the gaming goodness of the very retro and definitely classic Atari 2600 with you everywhere you go.

The Transformers meet your digital clock

Remember the Transformers toys? The robots that would shape-shift into cars, planes or other cool shapes. Well, what happens when you cross a Transformer with a common digital clock? Here’s what: